TMIM EPISODE 8: Say My Name Spoken Word Voice
New Monsters Trailer edited by Ashley Woods Drama Voice
Intro Voice Demo for Modbase Voice Demo Voice
Mass Effect Andromeda Demo Voice Demo Voice
The Lost Battalion Sabaton Cover (NO MUSIC) Miscellaneous Song
Ramblin Man Allman Brothers Cover (NO MUSIC) Miscellaneous Song
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY! Cover of The Beach Boys God Only Knows (NO MUSIC) Miscellaneous Song
Secret Agent Man Johnny Rivers Cover (NO MUSIC) Miscellaneous Song
Delilah - Tom Jones Cover (No Music) Classical Song
One Jump - Aladdin Cover Miscellaneous Song
The Kraken/The Legend of Davy Jones Drama Voice
Underwear Pumping Club Mix Feat. DJ. David Phillips Drum N Bass Song
A Strange Feeling: REVISITED Creepypasta Voice
The Monsters Inside Me Episode 6: Memories Drama Voice
The Monsters Inside Me Episode 5: The Hutch Drama Voice
Sleepers Are Serious PSA Drama Voice
The Monsters Inside Me Episode 4: Joshua Embers Drama Voice
Shadow Noir Drama Voice
The Monsters Inside Me Episode 3: The Plane Drama Voice
The Monsters Inside Me Episode Two: The Wall Drama Voice
The Monsters Inside Me Drama Voice
DJ RADIO INTRO Spoken Word Voice
Rouge Gallery Voices Drama Voice
In the Air with George Billing Spoken Word Voice
Dick Amus's Dog and Platypus Farm Informational Voice
Shadow Noir Preview Drama Voice
A clearer demo for you to have a listen to Voice Demo Voice
Shadow Noir Trailer Drama Voice
Noodle Deadpool Redo Voice Demo Voice
Noodle Deadpool Demo Voice Demo Voice
Crazy Hobo Demo Voice Demo Voice
Let Us Out Cinematic Song
Major Tom A Capella Voice
Edenbreak Demo Voice Demo Voice
Jay's Newer and Better Demo Voice Demo Voice
Piracy Is Not A Victimless Crime Demo for gopherguy Voice Demo Voice
Luke Skywalker Awakens Voice Demo Voice
Smeagol, Gandolf and Bilbo sing The Last Goodbye Spoken Word Voice
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer acapella cover A Capella Voice
Rudolph acapella cover A Capella Voice
Jingle Bells ((57 chevrolet)) acapella cover A Capella Voice
Great Mighty Poo Acapella for LucidShadowDreamer Comedy Voice
Screen Junkies Movie Guy Impression: Back to the Future Comedy Voice
Hallelujah Acapella Cover Miscellaneous Song
For Phil 2 Voice Demo Voice
For Phil Voice Demo Voice
Time Warp Cover Acapella (with female vocals) Comedy Voice
BRUCE: Angel - Innocence Lost Cinematic Song
The Quest For The Holy Something Or Other Comedy Voice
For music Drama Voice
Help me make it through the night Acapella Cover Comedy Voice
Camp Granada Acapella Comedy Voice
Shaving Cream Acapella Comedy Voice
There coming to take me away Comedy Voice
Ghost Motel Demo Voice Demo Voice
Disney's Star Wars 2 Comedy Voice
Disney's Star Wars Comedy Voice
World 2 (just for fun) Comedy Voice
Darth Plagueis The Wise Voice Demo Voice
A Strange Feeling Drama Voice
Ballad of the Ear Worm Experimental Song
Rocksteady Experimental Song
Yoda on life Voice Demo Voice
The Immigrant Song (no music) A Capella Voice
Smeagol/Gollum Voice Demo Voice Demo Voice
Courage the cowardly dog show intro voice demo Voice Demo Voice
Too Much Sauce SB Scene Voice Demo Voice
Zombie noises Voice Demo Voice
Hungry Eyes Trailer Demo Voice Demo Voice
Voice Demo (Better Quality) Voice Demo Voice
Joker (voice demo) Voice Demo Voice
An Evil Laugh (demo) Voice Demo Voice
Disney Hook and Smee (voice demo) Voice Demo Voice
Yoda Voice Demo Voice Demo Voice
Resident Evil Merchant Voice Demo Voice Demo Voice
Emperor Palpatine Voice Demo 2 Voice Demo Voice
Emperor Palpatine Voice Demo Voice Demo Voice
Zombie Beach Party Miscellaneous Song