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Batman: The West Tower will be a detective audio drama set in the Batman universe. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Arnold Wesker (wth Scarface), Baby Doll (Mary Louise Dahl), Poison Ivy, Two-face (Harvey Dent) and Catwoman wake up in a dark room in the mysterious West Tower. What is the tower? Who created the tower? What motive does this mysterious man or woman have in abducting these particular villains?

They must escape the Tower by solving puzzles in each room and traversing dangerous obstacles along the way. The whole theme is "the moral compass" that most villains don't have really. That is the focus on the challenges in each room. They basically have to get into the mind of Batman and be the hero in order to escape.

I need a group of at least four or three. I want more to work with on writing because I want to get it right. I like creating things that deal with the human condition and the bad guys in this project need to come alive.


1. Must have knowledge of the Batman universe
2. Must have a passion for what you do
3. Must also have knowledge of the animated series and films (animated or otherwise)
4. Must be willing to give 100% and have fun

I have some great voice actors so far for this including Ty Anderson and Olivia Steele as well as some newcomers to voice acting. Some parts still need to be filled.

This will be probono (working for free) but you will be credited for your work on the project. Basically I want to put together a group of fans who know the genre and universe who love throwing ideas around and would like to put together a good story for fun.

If you are interested please PM me. I will set up a private group and we all can get started.


2017-10-10 02:30:49 by JayWEccent

I am so sorry for the lack of content lately. Finally got a working computer but now the mic wont work properlly. I will try to keep everyone posted. Thank you so much for your patience.


2016-09-15 12:26:46 by JayWEccent

HEY EVERYONE! I am here to announce the parts for Doctor Gretel Nittinger and Corporal Catlan Church...


Lynnette Dolan as Doctor Gretel

Katabelle as Catlan

Thank you to all who have participated in the auditions. It truly means so much to me. You are all very talented and I look forward to working with you in the future.


2016-09-15 00:32:21 by JayWEccent

A super huge update Monsters fans! I will be announcing the new Catlan and Gretel tomorrow. Yes, I have decided to... Well, decide the actresses for both parts so keep your eyes peeled and stay safe against Sleepers ;D


2016-09-14 00:48:08 by JayWEccent

As monster fans know Mandi Nittinger had left The Monsters Inside Me taking her voice and editing with her. But no problem, the casting for Catlan and Gretel are going very well. I hope to announce the new Cat and new Gretel in two weeks. Some really talented actresses have come forward and I have also sent out requests. Thank you so much for all the help. Have a great night.

Tornadoes and an attack

2016-08-25 16:53:09 by JayWEccent

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let everybody know that eight tornadoes have run through our town. The power wont be up until Saturday and I haven't had access to a mic. I am now at my mother's who has a generator. On top of that I was attacked last night and now my shoulder, arm and neck are out of commission. I can type but it hurts. I have been using Icey Hot and Stop the pain on the hurt areas and im okay. I will get my stuff recorded for anyone who needs it as soon as possible and im so sorry for the inconvinience.


2016-08-14 16:21:10 by JayWEccent

Episode 7 of TMIM will be premiering tomorrow!!! Everyone did an awesome job and we are now moving forward into the final episodes.


2016-07-17 02:11:06 by JayWEccent

JayWorks has been down for a while but fear not for TMIM Episode 6: Memories will be coming soon.

Julie must travel back to her old colony home to grab some supplies and bury her father properly but can she handle the memories?

Meanwhile, clues to the identity of the mysterious Guitar Man on her hand radio will lead to even more mysteries. Will Jules figure out who Guitar Man really is or will she be left in the dark?

Starring Olivia Steele, Ty Anderson, Mandi Nittinger, Dennis Collins Jr., Tayla Anne Ashcraft, Jay W. Eccent with music by Dane Gerous Schmidt and Dennis Collins Jr. Edited and Co-written by Mandi Nittinger.

Featuring the vocal talents of Nathan Bechtold, Medraut Stowe, Toby Mobias, David Phillips and Dana Arabella Gwen Ashcraft.


2016-05-18 17:20:03 by JayWEccent

Hi everyone. A new ten part series from JayWorks has been started called "The Monsters Inside Me" 
about a girl named Julie Embers who is on a journey to find her own kind in a world infected with the (zombie-like) creatures known as Sleepers.

Starring Olivia Steele, Ty Anderson, Nathan Bechtold and many more. With music by Dane Schmidt, Weinerhaven and For the Underdog. Sleeper and spirit sound design by Mandi Nittinger. Story by Jay Eccent.

Every week a new episode will be posted and if I don't get it up that week I will try for the next.

Be sure to subscribe to the "TMIM" channel, check out the facebook and have an awesome day, God's speed.





2016-02-10 19:27:29 by JayWEccent


Jay Eccent here updating you guys on some cool stuff. 

A new editor has joined the Shadow Noir boat and is off to produce some pretty sweet stuff for SN. The editor I speak of is none other than Taylor Vellios. He is very talented and is very good at what he does.

Until Shadow Noir comes out, though. Go ahead and check out our site here http://jayweccent.wix.com/shadownoir

Shadow Noir is a detective noir style audio drama set in the 1940's about Shadow Beings and how one detective spirals into a world of confusion and mystery. With music by Alexander Nyman and Mandi Nittinger. Voice work by Coloff Starness, Dennise Collins, Olivia Steele, D'mitri 'Mario' Young, Ty Anderson, TT Anderson, George Billing and Jay W. Eccent.

For more information check out the site..

Have an awesome day

God's speed

Lets do this :D